Today, I would like to tell you about the mistakes to avoid in order to progress on the saxophone. By applying these tips, I guarantee you efficiency during your work sessions, constant progress and faster results. Quite simply because the great majority of learners do not focus enough on the criteria essential to the good development of the saxophonist. The lack of regularity is one of the mistakes to avoid absolutely in order to progress on the saxophone.

What is the lack of consistency?

Lack of regularity at work can turn out to be your worst enemy! The human brain needs time to assimilate concepts. To give you a more concrete picture, it is exactly as if you are discovering a computer for the first time. The first time you go to find a file, it will take a while, you will have to search all over the hard drive. Then the second time, it will take you a little less time, because your brain will call on the memory to remember the path faster. The third time you want to search for that same file it will go even faster, etc. Just make a shortcut on the desktop to find it immediately, with one click.

How does it work?

When you learn the saxophone, it is exactly the same! Your body will have to get used to the shape of the instrument, its ergonomics or its weight for example. If you are an experienced saxophonist, you will have to get used to the sensations of high notes, a double lick or a difficult sequence of notes. Nothing better for that than to be in almost permanent contact with your instrument (for the bravest among you of course :-), otherwise once a day can be more than enough 😉).

This is why practicing your instrument regularly, even if you only have 10 or 15 minutes to devote to it each day, remains the best thing for beginners to do and progress on the saxophone quickly.
Lack of consistency is the enemy of progress. On your saxes as often as you can!