Tips for getting started on the saxophone: choose the posture.

To start the saxophone well, it is essential to respect a few fundamental rules to allow you to acquire a solid foundation from the start of your learning. Getting started on the saxophone is relatively easy and here I will share my advice on how to start learning the saxophone with or without sheet music.

 What is the Posture?

Now that your saxophone is working properly and you have found the right mouthpiece and reeds, you think you are ready to produce your first sounds. But before that it is essential to behave correctly.

It is really IMPORTANT to adopt a good posture from the start on the saxophone (as in front of any other musical instrument for that matter ...). As you will have noticed the saxophone is a wind instrument and which says wind instrument says breathing, column of air etc ... If your posture is not good you will not be able to inhale correctly, exhale correctly and therefore, you will not be able to emit the sound as easily as you would like.

How does it work?

Let's assume that you are standing, your feet should be slightly apart for a good seat and your back straight! To help you find the right position, practice in front of a mirror, taking care to have the saxophone at the correct height. Adjust the string (the cord that hangs around the neck) so that the saxophone comes directly into the mouth (when the head is straight). You should never have your head up or down, in which case you will change the shape of your air column without realizing it.
By putting these tips into practice, you will grow in learning the saxophone and can become a professional.